Bio Ecological Solutions Inc. is a biotechnology company that provides solutions for wastewater, soil, and manure applications.

  • Wastewater applications are specifically targeted to overcome organic material degradation including fats, oils, greases, slime, sludge levels, and odour reduction issues.
  • Soil applications are designed to increase plant yields and plant quality, improve soil fertility, accelerate oil sand reclamation, and reduce operating costs.
  • All natural manure treatment is designed to reduce sludge levels in lagoons, reduce ammonia emissions, improve the animal and human environment, and increase the nutrient content of the manure


All products are 100% natural and environmentally safe. Bio Ecological Solutions product formulations incorporate maximum beneficial ingredient levels, so as to increase the effectiveness of each application.

Applications include;

  • Municipality and industrial wastewater treatment facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Anaerobic and aerobic lagoons
  • Grease traps and lift stations
  • RV camp grounds, parks, and rest areas wastewater treatment facilities
  • Commercial and retail drain, septic, pond and compost applications
  • Agriculture soil amendment and foliar applications
  • Sod production
  • Land reclamation
  • Commercial and residential landscaping lawn and garden programs
  • Golf Course tees, fairways, greens, ponds, and compost applications
  • Swine, poultry, and livestock manure management and lagoon sludge reductions

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